Positivity and Hydrangeas



So, okay.  I must admit that the thought of actually producing a blog was not on my top 10 things to do list.  Maybe for marketing a product or service, but certainly not for me to talk about myself.

This blog is an assignment for a class I am taking in Social Media Marketing.  It is an attempt to freshen up my writing and public relations skills, as I recently found myself at a crossroads in my life—the job I was doing and loved for almost 15 years at a non-profit organization was eliminated due to a re-organization. So now what?

I was shocked and angry initially, but knew I had to move on.  I was always someone who liked to plan, to look to the future, never one to wallow too long in self pity.  For many years, I have gotten inspiration from the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, an internationally renowned  author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth.

I started thinking about the different instances in my life where, with faith and planning, I was able to make lemonade out of lemons, where things did eventually work out.  I was determined that this current dilemma would not break me.  But I was still hoping for some encouragement, some roadmap of where to go next.

I was sitting in my yard, shortly after my dismissal from my job, and noticed that a hydrangea bush had flowers on it.  Now this is not normally an earth shattering thing, but this particular bush had not bloomed in over 3 years.  In fact, I told it that if it did not bloom in 2018, I was going to dig it up and plant something new.   Yes, I talk to my plants, so what.

In its prime, this hydrangea bush had the most beautiful pale blue blossoms—gorgeous.  I missed those pale blue flowers for many years.  I didn’t expect to see any flowers again.  But this year, the blossoms were a mix of blue, lavender and pale pink!  Equally beautiful, but indeed different.  So I took it as a sign that even though the circumstances of my life would be different from here on in, there would be no reason in the world to expect them to be less beautiful—just different.

So—back to my class assignment and my blog.  My friends call me Mo, and thus I have decided that my blog will be called Mo-Mentum—Always Move Forward.

Momentum—the strength of force that something has when it is moving; the strength of force that allows something to continue, or to grow stronger or faster as time passes.

I like that definition, especially the stronger and faster part.  That is what I want to be.

Each week I plan to share some of my experiences where accentuating the positive and visualizing good outcomes resulted in, well, good outcomes in my life, even if they were not exactly what I may have expected.  Hopefully sharing my stories and journey may help others in similar situations.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


2 thoughts on “Positivity and Hydrangeas

  1. No, you’re off to a great start (smile) Blessings!


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