Lost Job-Future Freed

I lost my job.  Now what?  My first draft of this blog consisted of four paragraphs of pretty much complaining about how I was treated unfairly.  How unfair it was for a  new administration coming in and creating a “new vision” of where it wanted the organization to go, resulting in elimination of jobs and cutting of salaries and overhead.  I went into detail about how bad everything was, how I was the victim, blah, blah, blah.  Not a pretty piece.

 While it actually was quite cathartic to put my frustration down on paper, the bottom line is—my job was eliminated and I was unemployed!   It happens more often than you think, and has happened in both corporate and non-profit settings.  It doesn’t matter whether I did a good job or not.  It is in the hands of a new administration that, correctly or incorrectly, believes that it is going in the right direction by overhauling the status quo, in an effort to save money, or to increase its own stature in the community, or whatever.

 Now, I know this blog is about positivity, but at the time, I was extremely angry about what had happened. It was unbelievable!  I was experiencing two of the five stages of grief or loss, described by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, in her book, On Death and Dying.   These stages can be applied to many traumatic losses besides death, like divorce, and yes, loss of a job.  After denial and anger, come bargaining, depression and then finally acceptance.  Not everyone goes through all the stages. 

 For me, there was no bargaining—I knew the job was finished.  At the same time, I realized I still had a lot to offer, and I knew my worth. 

They may have taken away my job, but they actually had freed up my future!

 I got my resume together, beefed up my LinkedIn profile and started networking with people I knew. I sent out resumes, and read whatever I could get my hands on about interviewing techniques.

 Oh yes, and applied right away for unemployment, which I will tell you about in detail in an upcoming blog.

I also focused on the good stuff.  I did not want to wallow and become depressed.  It was the summertime, and my garden was in full bloom.  I got up early every morning, even though I didn’t go into the office.  I started each morning having my cup of tea in my backyard, enjoying how beautiful it was, while I planned my day of job hunting.

I threw a pizza party in said yard, and invited all 46 volunteers with whom I worked at my previous job, to say proper goodbyes.  It was awesome, we had a lot of laughs, and we continue to keep in touch!

I cleaned and re-organized my basement, something I had been putting off forever!

I made more time to spend with my 80+ year old parents.

My husband and I took a pre-planned whirlwind trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, all paid for with points from our credit card.

 I keep in touch with the other people who lost their jobs due to the re-organization.  We are a self-made support group, and cheer each other on as we experience victories in our lives.

Oh, and I went back to school—another future post!

All in all, as each day passes, I am grateful to be where I am, because I believe that is exactly where I ought to be.  Here’s to new beginnings!

1 thought on “Lost Job-Future Freed

  1. The blessings of new beginnings has no limits. I have faith there is something better awaiting you (smile). Just so you know, my faith is strong (wink) {{hugs}}


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