Resolutions: Choices in the Marketplace of Life

It’s New Year’s Eve.  Turning the page from old to new.   We are at the cusp of a new beginning, new future—who knows what it will bring.

I’m thinking about all the resolutions I have made and broken for so many years.  They are the usual ones—eat more healthy foods, get more exercise, get enough sleep.  I start out gung-ho, but in time, I am tempted to forgo these plans.

It seems that in the past I concentrated mostly on the physical improvements.  Don’t get me wrong—it’s very important to be healthy.  But this year, I think I am going to focus on improving my mind and soul as well.

We have so many choices to do the right things for ourselves.  It is like experiencing the open air market in Rome’s Piazza Campo de Fiori.  So many flowers, fruits and vegetables, displayed in all their glory—which ones to bring home?

In 2019, I am going to try to open my heart and mind to every day miracles—small ones, like stopping to look at cardinals or blue jays in my garden.  It is said they are messengers from heaven.  I like to think that loved ones who have passed send them to see how we are doing here.

I was making meatballs and sauce the other day, when the back door in my kitchen swung open, seemingly all on its own.  I like to think that was my grandmother walking in to make sure I didn’t burn anything on the stove.

It’s comforting to feel that love does not die, that it transcends time and space, and the people in our lives who have passed, are never really gone.

I’m going to reflect more on that in the coming year.

I want to be mindful of my actions, and how they affect others.  I want to strive to me more kind.

Another resolution that I know I will keep will be to read Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book—The Power of Intention.  At least 1 hour every day till I finish it.  The book jacket says that “Intention is a force in the universe, and everything and everyone is connected to this invisible force”.  It is through your connection to this force, that you can begin to co-create your world.  I want to learn more about living a purposeful life.

I plan to keep on learning during 2019.  I am presently taking courses in Project Management and Social Media Marketing to enhance my skills to help in a job search.  I know that education is important, not just to get a job, but to be a vital part of family and the community.

So, yes, I will also be mindful of what I eat and of my physical activity in the coming year. But I will also stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the bounty along the way.

Happy New Year!  Blessings to all in 2019!


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