The Power of Intention

Thousands of intentions at the Rise Lantern Festival, Las Vegas NV October 2018

I intended to get a job with a local governmental agency which serves the needs of senior citizens.

I was re-organized out a job at a non-profit that did similar work, back in the summer.  New administration created a work hierarchy and environment that differed a lot from the original mission of the place, so the decision to accept the severance pay and opportunity for unemployment insurance was not hard for me to make.

I updated my resume, joined LinkedIn, and prepared for an intensive job search.

I really wanted to work with that government agency.  I knew all the people in the department, as we had crossed paths many times in our mutual service to seniors.

I set my sights on getting a job, any job with them. 

I let them know that I was available, and asked that they let me know if there were any openings.

There were not at the time.

I continued networking with people I had met from other municipal or corporate organizations.  I enrolled in classes to sharpen my skills.

Then I got the call from a friend who worked in the department at which I wanted to work—would I be interested in a brand new position that was being developed?  I said yes immediately, even though this was just an inquiry and not a formal job offering.

I sent in my resume and filled out an application form and waited.  It would take another four months for the top people in the Administration to reach out to me again.  I bided my time.  I didn’t actively interview for other positions, as I was going to school anyway at the time.

I kept checking in with my friend from time to time to remind her that I was still interested.  She assured me that the staff still wanted me to join them, but that the process had to be followed, for the Administration to approve.

Every day I made an affirmation to myself—“this will happen, I am the best person for this job, I will hear from them soon”.  I took action to let people know of my interest, to fill out all the forms, to network with people who could put a good word in for me—all the things I had learned about harnessing the power of intention to make your goals a reality.

Whenever negative thoughts would creep into my head—“you’re being naïve, this job won’t happen” or “maybe I shouldn’t be putting all my eggs in this one job basket”—I would brush them out of my mind, and remain steadfast in my belief that this would all work out.  I made an alternate plan that when my unemployment payments ran out, I would get a job, any job, and continue my job search.  I refused to panic.

Right before Christmas, I got called for an interview with the Administrator of the government program.  I felt it went well.  But I didn’t hear from anybody, and then it was Christmas.  And then it was New Years.

I did not give up hope, and sure enough, on January 2, I received a call from Personnel to come in, fill out papers and start the hiring process.  I had to have a drug test and a background check before formal offer of employment was rendered.

I had made my intention, I repeated it to myself, I took steps in networking to put myself in the best possible position to achieve my intention, I kept myself busy by going to school.  And then I stopped worrying.

I got the position, and start work this week.

When I stopped worrying overall, put in the work to prepare, and kept saying my positive affirmation out loud, I believe the Universe came through, just like what I have seen in the writings of Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama and others.

I was also very humbled and grateful, when I came to find out how many people had sent emails and telephoned people in the Administration on my behalf.  I had so many supporters, who recognized my worth.  It was amazing!

I have been trying, in all aspects of my life, to keep a positive attitude.  I have even adopted a mantra of sorts—“Things are always working out for me”.  I use it even when I get a good parking space!

The timing was perfect (I thought about that, too)  My unemployment runs out in January, my last day of evening class is actually my first day of work, I  had the summer and holidays to enjoy family and friends, my stress levels went way down, and I learned important lessons in self care, optimism and appreciation.

All is good.

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